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Appalachian Culture Podcast – Hillbilly Words, Southern Debates, and Superstitions Unveiled | Appalachia Connection Episode 11

Welcome to Episode 11 of Appalachia Connection Podcast, where we dive deep into Appalachian Culture!

Join us as we explore the colorful tapestry of Appalachia, from the savory delights of Jowl Bacon and Roasted Ears of Corn to nostalgic discussions on Shopping in the 80s Vs Now.

In this engaging episode, we delve into the unique world of Hillbilly Words (Appalachian Slang), featuring expressions like John’s “Swoon,” Don’s “Jawl-P?,” and Tony’s “Gumption.” Our lively debates include topics like Guitar Vs Piano – Which Instrument is More Appealing, Shopping Now vs the 70s-90s, Is ICED Tea a Southern Thing?, Tea Vs Coffee, and delve into intriguing Superstitions that have shaped Appalachian beliefs.

Join us for a captivating exploration of Appalachian culture and lively debates that will entertain and enlighten! Tune in to Appalachia Connection Podcast for an enriching experience into the heart and soul of Appalachia.

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Welcome to “Appalachia Connection,” the extraordinary podcast that takes you deep into the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, specifically in the picturesque Magoffin County. Immerse yourself in the unique narratives of individuals from all corners of Magoffin as they come together on our show.

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