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2003 Football: Belfry at Magoffin County

The Magoffin County hornets at this time were already on a pretty nice streak. Dropping a Lose to Powell County on August 29, 2003, with only a 6-point difference in the game. The hornets at this point should’ve been 4 – 0 before the Belfry Pirates came to town.

I still remember watching the game film against Belfry and hearing the chatter from (then) Head Coach Dayne Brown saying that we could play against this team. Little did we know that we were facing the Kentucky 2A State Champions in Football on September 19th, 2003.

Belfry had 2 all-star talents that stuck around even another year after this in 2004. The Pirates went on to win 2 straight back-to-back 2A state champions. Led by their Allstar backs Doug Howard and David Jones.

David Jones went on to play for the University of Kentucky and I believe Doug Howard ended up playing for the University of Pikeville.

Thoughts on the game

Belfry’s run game was basically unstoppable. The line was super fast and super strong. I was always a big boy, but hitting the opposite boys on the side of Belfry was like hitting a brick wall. They were always quick to get out of their stances and made gigantic holes in our (Magoffin) defense.

We should’ve scored multiple times on them penalties seemed to always kill us with numerous flags in this game. Always had a 30-yard+ for a fist down, fumbles, and dropped passes.

Magoffin County reached the red zone a few times and just dropped the ball. Without the stupid mistakes we should’ve scored but alas the final score was 51 – 0.

The 2003 Magoffin County Hornets were no match for the Belfry pirates on the defensive end of things but we should’ve scored and were able to run to our full-back Jacob Allen (#31) up the middle several times.


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