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Emergency Burning Ban Executive Order Issued by Magoffin County Judge/Executive

In response to the imminent threat posed by current and predicted weather conditions, Magoffin County has issued an Emergency Burning Ban Executive Order. The order, signed by Magoffin County Judge/Executive Matthew C. Wireman, aims to safeguard the well-being, property, and welfare of the county’s residents.

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Reasoning Behind the Ban

The executive order outlines the extraordinary danger of wildfires exacerbated by prevailing weather conditions. Recognizing the potential harm to both citizens and property, the immediate cessation of all open burning activities in Magoffin County has been deemed essential.

Official Order

The document, issued under the constitutional powers vested in Judge/Executive Matthew C. Wireman, explicitly states:

  1. Prohibition of Outdoor Burning: Under the authority of KRS 149.401, all outdoor burning in Magoffin County is prohibited with immediate effect.
  2. Duration of the Ban: The burning ban shall persist until lifted or modified by a subsequent order from Magoffin County Judge/Executive Matthew C. Wireman.

Implementation and Compliance

Residents, businesses, and organizations within Magoffin County are urged to adhere to the stipulations of this executive order promptly. Compliance with the ban is crucial for the collective safety and protection of the community.

Effective Date and Witness

Dated 8th November 2023, the Emergency Burning Ban Executive Order stands as a testament to the commitment of Magoffin County officials to ensure the safety of its residents. The witnessed document underscores the gravity of the situation and emphasizes the need for a unified effort to mitigate the risk of wildfires.

Magoffin County residents are encouraged to stay informed about updates and changes to the burning ban through official channels. The cooperation of every individual is pivotal in navigating this challenging period and safeguarding the community from potential disasters.

As the situation evolves, Magoffin County officials will continue to assess and respond accordingly, prioritizing the well-being of the county’s residents and the preservation of its natural resources.

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