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Coach John Derossett’s Historic 200th Win: Magoffin County Football Triumphs 38-19 Over Estill County

Magoffin County witnessed a historic moment on the football field as Coach John Derossett, the esteemed head coach of Magoffin County football, marked his 200th career win. This remarkable milestone was achieved in a thrilling match, where Magoffin County football triumphed over Estill County with a final score of 38-19.

Coach Derossett’s journey to this significant milestone is a testament to his unwavering commitment and remarkable coaching prowess. His ability to inspire and lead the team to greatness has made him a local legend in Magoffin County football.

The game against Estill County vividly showcased the teamwork, skill, and strategy that Coach Derossett has instilled in the team. This victory not only represents a win on the scoreboard but also symbolizes the excellence and commitment that Magoffin County football has come to be known for.

Magoffin County John Derossett
Photo By Jim Arnett

As we celebrate this historic achievement, it’s essential to recognize the profound impact that Coach John Derossett and Magoffin County football have on the local community. Coach Derossett’s 200th career win is a remarkable feat, reflecting his dedication and leadership, which extend beyond the football field. Magoffin County football, under his guidance, embodies the spirit of excellence and teamwork that resonates with fans and aspiring athletes in the community.

Coach John Derossett’s legacy and Magoffin County football’s prowess continue to inspire and unite those who share a passion for the sport. This achievement is a source of local pride and represents the enduring commitment to football in Magoffin County

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