Magoffin County Pop-up Driver's License Event

Magoffin County POP-UP Driver’s License Event 2023

On Tuesday, February 7, there will be a pop-up driver’s license event at the Magoffin County Circuit Court office. You can register at If you have any inquiries, contact the circuit clerk’s office at 606-349-2215.

The event was originally scheduled for January 31, and any appointments made on that day will not need to be rescheduled for the event on February 7.

By providing modern, secure services and more options than ever before for handling your licensing requirements, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) is taking driver licensing to the next level. A mobile service known as the Popup Driver Licensing Program brings all of the services provided by Driver Licensing Regional Offices to communities that do not have a regional office.

At a Popup Event, enjoy all of the advantages of a Driver Licensing Regional Office, such as:

  • If you are due to renew your license, upgrade to a REAL ID license and request an 8-year license.
  • Update your name and address.
  • Renew your CDL.

Popup events are only open to residents of the county that is hosting them. At least two Popup visits are made annually to every county that does not have a KYTC Driver Licensing Regional Office. A Popup event will not be held in counties that have a regional office.

Online booking is required for all appointments, which are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Holders of appointments will immediately receive a confirmation email or text message. A reminder email or text message will also be sent to appointment holders four days before the event. Please cancel an appointment if the appointment holder is unable to attend. This will make the appointment available to more people.

Before each event, Popup staff will reach out to all appointment holders via phone or email. When appointment holders receive calls or emails, it is critical that they respond to staff members. At a Popup event, staff will confirm appointments, answer any questions, and make sure that each customer has the right paperwork to get service.

Staff may be able to accept a limited number of walk-ins at each Popup event, despite the fact that appointments are required for all events; Nonetheless, there is no assurance. At a Popup event, residents who choose to walk in should talk to the staff, who will let them know if service is possible and how long they might have to wait.

Testing-required services cannot be provided at pop-up events; instead, they should be handled at a regional office or by the Kentucky State Police.

Acceptable methods of payment are as follows: money orders, checks, and debit/credit cards. Cash payments are not accepted by the program. You can find a list of prices here.

Renew online or by mail to save time and avoid going to a local office or a pop-up event! The majority of KY credential requirements can be completed from home.

Please send an email to Terry Sebastian at with any questions regarding the Magoffin County Driver’s License Pop-up.

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