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Foothills FRS Foundation Community Grant

FRS Community Grants serve as an annual recognition and support system for nonprofit organizations, schools, community groups, municipalities, and other entities engaged in commendable work within our community.

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Applying for an FRS Community Grant

If you wish to apply for an FRS Community Grant, please follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Identify an NTCA Member Partner: To initiate the FRS Community grant application process, it is essential to identify an NTCA member partner. If you learned about the application through your broadband provider, they are your designated NTCA member partner. In case you are unsure about your partner, kindly reach out to for clarification. – Again your NTCA Member is Foothills Communications.
  2. Review the Application Guide: Before proceeding with your application, we strongly recommend reviewing the comprehensive application guide. This guide is accessible either below or on the reverse side of the Community Grant Flyer that you may have received from your broadband provider. The application guide contains a set of questions you need to answer and provides the necessary information to complete your application.
  3. Submit Your Application: To ensure your application is considered, it must be submitted to your NTCA member partner before their specified deadline. Please note that applications not submitted through your NTCA member sponsor will not be reviewed. Remember, the application guide and the application itself are identical. Utilize the guide to create and submit your application to your NTCA member. It is imperative that all applications be submitted through your NTCA member partner.


The FRS Community Grants program exemplifies our commitment to bolstering the community by supporting organizations that make a positive impact. We encourage eligible applicants to participate in this opportunity, guided by the steps provided. Together, we can strengthen our community and contribute to its growth and prosperity. For further information or any inquiries, please feel free to contact

If you would like to have your business or community event promoted, be sure to check out our about page and learn how to contact us directly!

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