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Johnson Central Lady Eagles Soar to Historic 13-1 Start in 2023-2024 Basketball Season

The Johnson Central Lady Eagles have embarked on an extraordinary journey this season, achieving a remarkable 13-1 record that stands as the best start in the school’s history. Beyond the visible triumphs on the court, the untold hours of dedication and hard work by the players and coaching staff have paved the way for this unprecedented success.

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Turning the Tide

Reflecting on their journey, Johnson Central’s junior guard, Kaylyn McKenzie, emphasizes the immense effort invested to transform the team’s fortunes. Just two years ago, the Lady Eagles struggled with a 6-21 record, facing challenges that extended beyond the game. With their coach juggling responsibilities for both the boys and girls teams, the odds were against them. Fast forward to the present, and the team has not only turned their record around but has also secured an impressive 15th rank in the state and holds the 4th position in RPI (Rating Percentage Index). This remarkable turnaround underscores the resilience and commitment of the Lady Eagles.

Coach’s Passion and Impact: At the helm of this transformative journey is Johnson Central girls basketball head coach, Jim Hicks, now in his second season. The players and school administration alike have witnessed Hicks’ unwavering passion for coaching, teaching, and instilling a culture of winning.

Justin Arms, the Principal of Johnson Central High School, attests to Hicks’ coaching style, noting that while he coaches the team rigorously, his love and support for the players are even more profound. This balance of tough coaching and genuine care has played a crucial role in fostering the team’s success.

Unprecedented Status

As the Lady Eagles currently stand strong with a 13-1 record. This accomplishment speaks volumes about the collective effort, determination, and skill exhibited by the players under Coach Hicks’ guidance. The unity and camaraderie within the team have been pivotal in achieving this historic milestone.

George Washington (WV)

This match was another opportunity for Johnson Central to showcase their prowess and further solidify their standing in the basketball community and gave the girls a true test of their talent. Unfortunately the lady eagles fell 49 – 41 and received their first loss of the season.


The Johnson Central Lady Eagles’ undefeated record is not merely a statistic but a testament to the resilience, dedication, and transformational leadership that has shaped their journey. As they continue to soar to new heights, the team serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes and a source of pride for the entire Johnson Central community. It’s going to be exciting to see how far the ladies eagles can go this basketball season.

JC Lady Eagles Schedule 2023 – 2024 Basketball Season

Date Opponent Site Score
Nov 27, 23 Jenkins Away (W) 82 – 21
Nov 30, 23 Lawrence County Home (W) 56 – 49
Dec 5, 23 Menifee County Home (W) 66 – 39
Dec 8, 23 Fairview Home (W) 63 – 6
Dec 11, 23 Scott County Home (W) 46 – 37
Dec 15, 23 Magoffin County Away (W) 62 – 15
Dec 21, 23 Raceland Bath Co (W) 51 – 35
Dec 22, 23 South Laurel Bath Co (W) 62 – 61
Dec 23, 23 Elliott County Bath Co (W) 54 – 43
Dec 27, 23 Cumberland Gap, TN Gatlinburg-Pittman (Gatlinburg), TN (W) 50 – 47
Dec 28, 23 Bullitt Central Gatlinburg-Pittman (Gatlinburg), TN (W) 51 – 27
Dec 29, 23 Perry County Central Gatlinburg-Pittman (Gatlinburg), TN (W) 70 – 57
Jan 3, 24 Morgan County Home (W) 55 – 41
Jan 4, 24 Jenkins Home (W) 1 – 0 (forfeit)
Jan 6, 24 George Washington (Charleston), WV (L) 41 – 49
Jan 8, 24 Magoffin County Home
Jan 12, 24 Paintsville Home
Jan 19, 24 Martin County Away
Jan 23, 24 Shelby Valley Home
Jan 27, 24 Letcher County Central Home
Feb 2, 24 Paintsville Away
Feb 3, 24 Morgan County Away
Feb 7, 24 Martin County Home
Feb 10, 24 Scott County Away
Feb 13, 24 Harlan Home
Feb 17, 24 Rowan County Home
Feb 20, 24 Shelby Valley Away
Feb 22, 24 Lawrence County Away

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