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Fading Roar: Kentucky Basketball’s latest Era under Coach Calipari

Kentucky Basketball just isn’t the same anymore, you know? Since all that kneeling stuff and COVID, it’s like the vibe changed. Even my kids aren’t as into it. Maybe it’s because times have changed, and kids these days have so many things distracting them. Back in the day, whether it was my favorite sports team or the video game I got for my birthday on the super Nintendo, I cared way more today about some video game I got on my birthday when I was 10 than most brand new technology for example.

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Maybe I’ve Changed

I kind of blame myself for my son not being as hyped about watching the games on TV. Never took him to see the Wildcats play live, but then I remember, I’ve only been to one game in my whole life, back in the Gillespie era. My mom never took me to a game either, but I’ve always been passionate about Kentucky Basketball.

It used to be a blast, you know? Wearing that Kentucky Blue, talking about Calipari’s latest team in the “one and done era.” But now, with the NIL, Transfer Portal, and the on-court action, it’s just not the same. Losing so many times at home this season, especially to good teams, makes it hard to expect much in March.

Gonzaga wasn’t even considered “good” this year, and we still took a beating at home. Calipari says not to blame the players (TRUST ME CAL WE ARE NOT), but hey, this is the team he recruited. I used to think Calipari was a perfect fit for Kentucky Basketball, but now, it’s just not the same. I remember enjoying the Tubby Smith era, even when we lost, but something’s different now, and I can’t put my finger on it.

I’m struggling to understand why I still care about Kentucky Basketball. Maybe I’ve changed, but I still try to tune in, even if it feels like Coach Cal doesn’t care anymore. This isn’t the Kentucky Basketball I fell in love with, and I’m left wondering if it’ll ever be the same again.


I wrote a post earlier this year, that Kentucky was back to finally being Kentucky. That simply hasn’t been the case and it feels like I jumped the gun yet again too soon and got excited for nothing. I’m SICK of hearing “This is a March Team“.

How do you expect to beat ANYONE on the road, if you cannot get it done at home, in front of your home crowd! All these ranked teams, or highly talented teams come into our court and wipe the floor with us. It’s time for a younger coach to come in and take over if we are going to have growing pains, we have to rip the Calipari band-aid off eventually.

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