kentucky basketball is back 2023

Kentucky Basketball is back in 2023! – AND MORE

Folks its time to get excited, I know Kentucky Fans we’ve been burnt so much now, but Kentucky Basketball is back!

In this article we will cover what seems to be the official comeback of the Kentucky Basketball program, what in the world is going on with Kentucky Football, and local Magoffin County Sports specifically basketball.

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Kentucky Basketball is back in 2023

As of this writing the Kentucky Wildcats are 3 – 1. With the loss coming from #1 Kansas in a very close game. I think its fair to say at this point, that this Kentucky team is fun to watch and Calipari has some of his swag back.

It’s been hard to enjoy watching Kentucky Basketball for the last few years, ever since the kneeling was happening the Basketball program just wasn’t the same. You can have your opinion on the matter, my opinion is that its just not been the same. We’ve been getting recruited over, we can’t be top ranked teams, and we (Kentucky) destroyed the “hitting a consecutive 3s” record at least once per game with a few teams.

This group won’t have a problem hitting the three ball that’s for sure. This feels like a modern basketball offense where we rely on guards to make the most plays. However we are without a bigman at this point in time and you can tell it. With Kansas’s bigman that played the Kentucky fans acting like he was going to come to Kentucky had a field day scoring whenever he wanted.

I think this team is special and it’s going to be something to keep and eye on until March.

What has happened to Kentucky Football in 2023?

I don’t know what it is about Kentucky Football but whenever the Kentucky Basketball is rolling its like Kentucky Football isn’t allowed to be good. For many years I’ve been a bigger Kentucky Football Fan than I have basketball. Don’t get me wrong I’ve always enjoyed UK Football and Basketball. But, Football for the longest time there wasn’t much to get excited for. Sure we had the Tim Couch era, and now what I deem as the Mark Stoops coaching era where Kentucky has been good.

Mark Stoops even went 10 – 2 in the SEC one year.

But, it’s like the tables have turned yet again, and to make the world go back to normal Kentucky Football isn’t allowed to succeed if Kentucky Basketball is to be on top.

Calipari even told the Media that this was a Basketball School which made Football fans angry and rightfully so. While it might be “true” Kentucky is more well known in Basketball then it ever was in Football.

This year has been disappointing to say the least. Somehow we are going to a bowl game, but we haven’t beaten anyone with a winning record. Now this upcoming Saturday we have the Louisville Cardinals our Arch-Rivals up the road 10 – 1 on the year and have seemed to turn around their program with a new coach in 1 year!

So the 6 – 5 Cat takes on the 10 – 1 Dirty Birds from Louisville and I don’t have any faith at all that we (Kentucky) will walk away with a Win. The only saving grace we have is that we are in the SEC which is known for hard hitting smash-mouth Football.

I’m at a loss of words for what seems to be going on with the Football Program. I thought NIL would help Kentucky but it seems to be the opposite.

Is Magoffin a Basketball County?

With the Football ending early for the Maroon and White all us Football fans get a little depressed as we have to move on to the Basketball season. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy basketball but I love Football more. I’ll support my local Hornets as much as possible throughout the Basketball season as I just want us to succeed at anything we do.

That being said I was quite surprised whenever I went and filmed the Middle School Basketball team vs Owsley.

Watch the full JV Game Here

The Magoffin County JV team got their first W on the year from what I was told, and some of the boys I’ve helped coach in Middle School Football made me proud. I was extremely proud to see big Andrew Hall putting up a quite Double Double, rebounds and points!

Channing Isaac (Who needs to play football again) looks to have improved his skills as a basketball player.

Now moving on to the Varsity game. Which you can watch here.

What an exciting game. I was WAY more impressed than I thought I would be. Owsley County had 2 players on their team that was lighting up the Middle School Hornets from the 3 but they kept it close and even took the lead multiple times till the last 2 minutes of the game.

I was impressed by the starters the Trusty kid is quite an athlete. Blake Wireman of course is skilled and a great athlete as well and Tristen Gamble. I would’ve liked to seen some of my O and D-Lineman get some more playing time as I only noticed Caleb Lovely getting into the game and put up a few points. (I might be a little biased). If it was me I would’ve put Big Hunter Arnett and Caleb Lovely in and let them set screens all night on their big boy see how long he could stand getting roughed up a little.

The other kid on varsity Evan? I think is his name (Sorry if I get this wrong I don’t have a roster) Hit some great 3s for the hornets as well.

I guess what I’m getting at in this article is that we have some talented athletes coming up soon to the high-school world and its going to be fun supporting these boys.

I didn’t get to make it out to Maroon and White game I wish I could’ve as I’ve heard that Mr. Barnett is even better at Basketball than he is at football and if that’s the case that’s someone you want to come out and watch.

If you want to come out and support the highcshool team here is their schedule!

Magoffin County Boys Basketball Schedule

Magoffin County Basketball Boys 2023-24 Schedule

Coach: Scott Castle

Region: 15

District: 57

Current Record: 7 – 7

Date Opponent Site Wins Tipoff / Tournament
Nov 30, 23 Wolfe County Away (W) 80 – 74 7:30 PM
Dec 1, 23 Perry County Central At Hazard (L) 73 – 78 7:30 PM – DJ Begley Classic
Dec 5, 23 Ashland Blazer Away (L) 45 – 69 7:30 PM
Dec 7, 23 Letcher County Central Home (W) 75 – 63 7:30 PM
Dec 12, 23 Pike County Central Home (W) 69 – 67 7:30 PM
Dec 15, 23 Shelby Valley Home (W) 71 – 58 7:30 PM
Dec 18, 23 East Ridge Away Canceled 7:30 PM
Dec 20, 23 Wilson Central (Lebanon), TN At Gatlinburg, TN (W) 71 – 52 Smoky Mountain Christmas Classic
Dec 21, 23 Archbishop Shaw (Marrero), LA At Gatlinburg, TN (L) 65 – 78 Smoky Mountain Christmas Classic
Dec 22, 23 McMinn County (Athens), TN At Gatlinburg, TN (L) 60 – 63 Smoky Mountain Christmas Classic
Dec 28, 23 Montgomery County At Estill County (L) 54 – 55 4:45 PM – Railroad Classic
Dec 29, 23 Wolfe County At Estill County (L) 68 – 82 Railroad Classic
Dec 30, 23 Estill County At Estill County (W) 67 – 66 Railroad Classic
Jan 2, 24 Lawrence County At Multiple Locations (W) 54 – 51 7:30 PM – Kentucky 2A Championship Sectional Tournaments
Jan 5, 24 Boyd County Away @Pike County Central (L) 72 – 80 7:30 PM
Jan 9, 24 Johnson Central Home 7:30 PM
Jan 12, 24 Pike County Central Away 7:30 PM
Jan 16, 24 Paintsville Home 7:30 PM
Jan 19, 24 West Carter Away 7:30 PM
Jan 22, 24 Floyd Central Home 7:30 PM
Jan 25, 24 Betsy Layne Away 6:00 PM
Jan 30, 24 Martin County Home 7:30 PM
Feb 5, 24 Martin County Away 7:30 PM
Feb 7, 24 Ashland Blazer Home 7:30 PM
Feb 9, 24 Paintsville Away 7:30 PM
Feb 12, 24 Johnson Central Away 7:30 PM
Feb 14, 24 Betsy Layne Home 6:00 PM
Feb 16, 24 Shelby Valley Away 7:30 PM
Feb 20, 24 Pikeville Home 7:30 PM
Feb 23, 24 East Ridge Home 7:30 PM

That’s all I have on my mind this week whenever it comes to sports, if there is an event locally you need (magoffinnews) me to come and stream then I will do my best to support our local athletes and community.

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