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AppalachiaTCG Community’s Memorable Visit to Page3 Gamezone in Pikeville, Kentucky

The AppalachiaTCG community recently embarked on an exciting journey to visit Page3 Gamezone in Pikeville, Kentucky, the premier Magic: The Gathering game store in the area. This beloved store has been a cornerstone of the Magic: The Gathering community in Eastern Kentucky since the game’s inception. Our trip was filled with fun, camaraderie, and exceptional hospitality.

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The Excitement of the Journey to Pikeville, KY

Traveling from Magoffin County to Pikeville, the drive, though a bit lengthy, was filled with enthusiastic conversations about our expectations and past experiences at various game stores in Eastern Kentucky. As members of the AppalachiaTCG community, we were eager to connect with fellow Magic: The Gathering enthusiasts and explore what Page3 Gamezone had to offer in the heart of Pikeville.

A Warm Welcome at Page3 Gamezone, Pikeville

Upon arrival, we were warmly welcomed by the friendly staff at Page3 Gamezone. The store’s inviting atmosphere immediately made us feel at home in Pikeville, KY. It was clear that this establishment had been meticulously maintained and nurtured by a passionate team dedicated to the gaming community in Eastern Kentucky.

The Store Layout and Offerings

Page3 Gamezone is a well-organized and spacious store, featuring a wide array of products beyond just Magic: The Gathering. From sports cards and retro/vintage video games to comics and various gaming accessories, the store had everything a gamer could dream of. The layout made it easy to browse and find exactly what we were looking for, and the knowledgeable staff were always on hand to offer assistance and recommendations.

A Day of Gaming and Fellowship

Our visit to Page3 Gamezone was not just about shopping; it was also about connecting with other gamers and indulging in our shared passion for Magic: The Gathering. Instead of a traditional tournament, we organized our own contest to see who could create the best budget deck using the bulk cards available in the store.

The Budget Deck Challenge

Magoffin County MTG Group AppalachiaTCG bulk at Page-3 Gamezone

The budget deck challenge was a highlight of our trip. Each participant was given access to the store’s bulk card selection. It was a test of creativity and strategic thinking, as we scoured through piles of cards to build the most competitive deck possible. The contest was friendly but fierce, and we had the opportunity to test our decks against each other in a series of fun and engaging matches. We each had to make a Mono colored deck. We all rolled a dice and received Blue, Red, and Green.

More Than Just Magic: The Gathering in Pikeville

Page3 Gamezone in Pikeville is a haven for all kinds of gamers. Beyond Magic: The Gathering, the store boasts an impressive collection of sports cards, retro and vintage video games, comics, and more. This diversity makes it a one-stop-shop for anyone passionate about gaming and collecting in Pikeville and the surrounding Eastern Kentucky region.

Exploring the Store’s Other Offerings

As we explored the store, we were delighted to find a treasure trove of retro and vintage video games, bringing back a wave of nostalgia. The comic book section was equally impressive, with a wide range of titles catering to various tastes. Sports card enthusiasts also had plenty to enjoy, with an extensive collection of cards available for purchase.

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Promoting Local Game Stores in Eastern Kentucky

As members of the AppalachiaTCG community, we believe in supporting local game stores in Eastern Kentucky. These establishments are the backbone of the gaming community, providing a space for players to gather, compete, and grow. Page3 Gamezone in Pikeville is a shining example of a store that goes above and beyond to support its patrons.

Highlighting Page3 Gamezone

Page3 Gamezone has been a staple in the Magic: The Gathering community for as long as the game has been around. Its commitment to providing a welcoming environment and hosting regular events is commendable. If you’re ever in Pikeville, we highly recommend stopping by to experience this fantastic game store for yourself. You can learn more about Page3 Gamezone on their website and their Facebook page.

Sharing Our Experience

We also want to highlight our recent podcast episode where we discuss our visit to Page3 Gamezone in more detail. You can listen to Episode 07 of the AppalachiaTCG podcast on our website. In this episode, we share our experiences, insights, and the overall positive impact of our trip. The accompanying video provides a visual journey of our visit, showcasing the vibrant atmosphere of Page3 Gamezone.

Looking Forward

As we reflect on our visit to Page3 Gamezone, we are filled with gratitude and excitement. Gratitude for the warm hospitality and memorable experiences, and excitement for the future events and gatherings we plan to attend. We encourage all Magic: The Gathering players, whether you’re local to Pikeville or visiting from afar, to check out Page3 Gamezone and support this wonderful game store.

Join the AppalachiaTCG Community

Magoffin County MTG Group AppalachiaTCG Page3 Gamezone playing Magic the Gathering

If you’re passionate about Magic: The Gathering and want to connect with a vibrant and supportive community, we invite you to join the AppalachiaTCG community. Our website, AppalachiaTCG, is your gateway to podcasts, events, and a network of fellow enthusiasts. Together, we can continue to support local game stores and foster a thriving Magic: The Gathering community.


Our trip to Page3 Gamezone in Pikeville, Kentucky, was an unforgettable experience. The store’s welcoming atmosphere, well-organized layout, and friendly staff made our visit truly special. Participating in the budget deck challenge and meeting fellow Magic: The Gathering players enriched our journey and strengthened our sense of community. We look forward to future visits and encourage everyone to support this fantastic local game store.

For more insights and stories from our visit, don’t forget to check out Episode 07 of the AppalachiaTCG podcast on our website. Let’s continue to celebrate and promote the wonderful world of Magic: The Gathering together in Eastern Kentucky!

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