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Magoffin County Sports – The 2004 Magoffin County Basketball Maroon VS White Game

Unfortunately, I did not partake in the sport of Basketball in Highschool. But, a lot of my buddies did.

This is the Magoffin County High School Shootout or the Maroon Vs White game that happens every year. This is the 2003-04 MCHS Basketball team. Which means if you Graduated Magoffin County in 2004 this was your Senior Year. Unlike Football the 2003 would be your final year.

Anyways this was the Last Team that I know of that was Coached By Danny Adams at least at Magoffin County.

2004 Season

The Hornets came in dead last in the stats but there was an interesting game that happened during the Tournament. The Magoffin County Hornets ended up beating the Johnson Central Eagles with a couple of great basketball 3 point shots.

If you have some footage you would like added here and on YouTube you can send me a message over on Facebook.

More videos to come, like I said in the intro of the video. These take a LONG time to record, edit, and upload.

I have all the equipment to do so, but VCRs are becoming a pain to track down. If you have a good one and want to donate to the cause I’ll gladly take it off your hands.

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