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Eastern Kentucky’s ‘Dark Baptism’ Billboard: Understanding the Uproar

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or don’t have social media at all, then you’ve probably noticed Fallsburg’s “Dark Baptism” sign for Fearplex this year.

If the sign/billboard has done one thing right, it’s sparked engagement and has everyone talking about it, especially in Magoffin County, Kentucky.

The sign is located on the Mountain Parkway, left as you pass the high school, it’s almost impossible to miss.

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Fearplex Dark Baptism

The billboard advertisement is from Fallsburg, Kentucky, where a Halloween event takes place almost every year. This event is a haunted house, and this year’s theme appears to be centered around a “Dark Baptism.”

The website unfortunately doesn’t really go into detail about what a Dark Baptism is.

Reactions on Facebook

As you might expect, this sign has been a highly divisive topic among people in Magoffin County. Below, you can see some of the reactions people are having on the Magoffin County News Network Facebook page.

Names are marked out for privacy.

dark baptism
fearplex sign

If you look hard enough, you can surely find many more opinions on the sign. One thing this billboard has undeniably achieved is sparking a perfect storm of marketing and advertisement. It’s impossible to miss, and everyone seems eager to discuss it.

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