Magoffin County High School threat

Magoffin County High School Threat: Sheriff Meade Provides Details on Alleged Incident

Magoffin County News Network interviewed Sheriff Bill Meade of the Magoffin County Sheriff’s Department today regarding an alleged threat directed at Magoffin County High School.

The Sheriff confirmed that the school had alerted their department to the alleged threat earlier on the same day. To protect the identity of the individual involved, who is reported to be a minor, all details about their identity have been withheld. Sheriff Meade further revealed that the minor, linked to this incident, is a student of Magoffin County High School but currently resides in Johnson County, participating in online learning.

Given the belief that the threat originated from Johnson County, the Paintsville Police Department has assumed primary responsibility for the case. Working in conjunction with the Department for Community-Based Services (DCBS), they have made an arrest, and the juvenile is presently in custody while awaiting formal charges.

Additionally, Magoffin County News Network has been furnished with social media messaging images purporting to offer evidence of the threat. In consideration of the safety and privacy of all involved parties, names and identifying information have been redacted from these images. Magoffin County News Network will continue to make updates on the case as information is made available to us.

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