Magoffin County Primary 2022 Results

The Magoffin County Primary 2022 Election Results

Here you will find the Magoffin County Primary Election Results for the year 2022.

There were a lot of hard-fought races in many of the local positions. Congratulations to all of the Winners of the Primary and good luck to everyone in the fall election.

Below, will be a list of the winners starting from the Republican Candidates and then on to the Democrats. The numbers I’ve seen are not the final tally but close enough to officially announce a winner in each position.

Republican Primary Winners

This section will list how Magoffin County voted on May 17, 2022.

Republican United States Senator

For US State Senator of Kentucky on the Republican side, Magoffin County overwhelming voted for Rand Paul in the Magoffin County Primary.

Looks like a few candidates are tied for 2nd place.

Republican United States Representative in Congress Fifth Congressional District

For the US REP on the Republican Side, Magoffin County overwhelming voted for Harold ‘Hal’ Rogers in the Magoffin County Primary.

Republican Sheriff

For the Local Republican Sheriff nominee, Magoffin County voted for William ‘Bill’ Meade. Coming in 2nd place and former Sheriff, Carson Montgomery.

Republican Magistrate District 1

For Magistrate District 1, Magoffin County voted for Darrel Ray Howard in this year’s primary election.

Republican Magistrate District 2

District 2, Magoffin County voted for Eddie Jenkins in this year’s primary election.

Republican Magistrate District 3

Magoffin County voted for Ronnie Lovely for Magistrate in District 3.

Republican Constable District 1

For Constable in District 1, Magoffin county voted for James E. Rudd in this year’s primary.

Democrat Primary Winners

The Democrat party in Magoffin County is much more significant since most of the county is registered as, Democrat.

Here are the Magoffin County Democrat Primary Winners.

Democrat United States Senator

Magoffin County voted for Joshua Wesley Blanton Sr. for the United States Senator. Charles Booker wasn’t far behind coming in with less than 100 votes.

Charles Booker in the State of Kentucky will be the Democrat Nominee going against Rand Paul.

Democrat State Senator

For State Senator Magoffin County voted for Terry V. Salyer for the Democrat Nominee in this primary election.

Democrat County Judge Executive

One of the big ones this year in Magoffin County is the Judge Executive position.

Magoffin County voted overwhelmingly again for Matthew Chalmer Wireman.

As far as I know and there was no Republican Nominee (if there was please let me know and I will fix this.) and Matthew Wireman will continue to be the Judge Executive of Magoffin County.

Running against Matthew Wireman was Rick Howard and they’ve both gone at each other plenty on Facebook.

Democrat County Attorney

Magoffin County voted for Trave Joseph for County Attorney.

Democrat County Clerk

In another tight race, Magoffin County decided to stick with Renee Arnett-Shepard for County Clerk in this election.

Democrat Sheriff

Even had some familiar name’s from past Sheriffs show up to run in this race this year.

Magoffin County decided to go with David Neil Howard for the Democratic nominee and will face off against William Bill Meade in the fall.

Democrat Jailer

For Jailer Magoffin County decided to stick with Bryan Montgomery as the county jailer this year.

Democrat Magistrate District 1

In District 1 for Democrat Nominee, Magoffin County Voted for Andrew Joseph Risner. Andrew will be facing off against Republican Nominee Darrel Ray Howard in the fall.

Democrat Magistrate District 2

Magoffin County Selects Pernell ‘Buck’ Lemaster for District 2 Magistrate this year. Carison Slone was not far behind in the race for someone who has never ran before.

Buck Lemaster will take on Eddie Jenkins in the fall.

Democrat Magistrate District 3

In District 3 Magoffin County has selected Sam Bailey JR. and coming right behind him Joe Bailey and a very, very close race.

Sam Bailey will be running against Ronnie Lovely in the upcoming fall election this year.

Democrat Constable District 2

Magoffin County votes for Michael Blake Cantrell for Constable in District 2. Blake will face off against Eddie Jenkins.

Democrat Constable District 3

The people of Magoffin County have voted and decided to stick with Richard Rex Love as the Democrat Constable in District 3.

Richard Love will be going against Ronnie Lovely in District 3.

Mayor and Unofficial Vote Tally

It appears that Pete Shepard ran unopposed for the office of Mayor. Pete will continue to serve Magoffin County as Mayor.

Below you can click on and see the vote tallies provided/shared by someone over on Facebook.

Magoffin County Primary 2022 Election Results: Conclusion

If you find any error please be sure to reach out to me over on Twitter @thesmango and I will be glad to go ahead and fix whatever mistake was found.

Looking forward to the Fall Election to see how some of our new candidates do.

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