Magoffin County Sheriff 2023

Magoffin County Sheriff Bill Meade 2023

The latest Magoffin County Sheriff Bill Meade was sworn in on the 31st of December, 2022.

Below is the video of Bill Meade and his official campaign video.

Magoffin Republican Sheriff

In Salyersville, KY. Magoffin County has mostly registered Democrat, so anyone winning on the Republican side is usually a big deal.

Bill Meade now Magoffin County Sheriff in 2023 comes with tons of experience.

33 years of Law Enforcement and was a narcotics detective for the Johnson County office.

Sheriff Bill Meade ran his Campaign on the war on drugs that seem to be circumventing Magoffin County.

With his Chief Deputy Tim Clark, I think we all hope in Magoffin County gets cleaned up quite a bit whenever it comes to the fight on drugs.

Bill Meade for Sheriff Sign BURNED to the ground

Someone left Bill Meade a message by burning one of his signs down. This sign was at the mouth of Grapecreek in Salyersville, KY.

The Sign said, “Folks it’s time to fight against crime in our county, and the man for the job this November is the one in the picture.”

Bill Meade Magoffin County Sheriff 2023 Conclusion:

Bill Meade replaces Sheriff Carson Montgomery as the new Sheriff in Magoffin County and was sworn in on December 31st, 2022. With Chief Deputy Tim Clark.

I’ve also heard that a familiar name Bob Jordan, who once served as Magoffin County’s sheriff back in the past has joined the force. I want to say I cannot confirm that statement but it is something I’ve heard among the chatter of Magoffin County.

Will Bill Meade put a stop to all the drugs that appear to run rampant in Salyersville?

Only time will tell.

Good luck to all the Law Enforcement serving our county.

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