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SNEAK PEAK – New Ivy Point Road Progress

Have you been sitting around wondering what the new Ivy Point Road in Salyersville, KY is going to look like?

Well we, might have exactly what you have been looking for this entire time.

Provided below are some photos were taken that show off the latest developments of Ivy Point Hill Road.

If you find the development and growth of Magoffin County Kentucky interesting you might also find the Gifford RD Industrial park video interesting below.

UPDATE 2/6/2023

You may be hearing some exploding going on in Magoffin County Kentucky. That is because they are blowing up parts of the hill up top of Ivy Point for the New Road.


Nearby Home Owners Shouldn’t be alarmed if they hear of feeling the blast.

The contractor has set up seismographs to track the ground vibrations and is staying well under the allowable seismic activity allowed!

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