floyd county unsolved murder 2023

Unsolved Murder in Floyd County Kentucky 2023

A tragedy recently struck Floyd County, Kentucky, which has gone somewhat unnoticed by many of the citizens of Magoffin County. Magoffin County News Network was contacted by an anonymous individual, requesting that we make ourselves aware of the alleged murder of Amber Spradlin. Ms. Spradline was a Hostess at a local eatery known as The Brick House in Prestonsburg.

Ms. Spradlin’s body is alleged to have been found in Arkansas Creek in Martin on June 18, at the home of a local Dentist, Dr. Michael McKinney. The incident that led to her death is thought to have happened overnight, on June 17. Magoffin County News Network spoke with Debbie Hall, cousin of Ms. Spradlin. Here is what we learned…

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Interview with Debbie Hall

Ms. Hall stated, “My cousin was just a very kind, sweet person. She had a lot of adversity in her life, and she just… she overcame it. Things that other people would have probably quit or felt sorry for themselves about, she just kept pushing on. In her early life, she always just had a hard time fitting in. She never had a big circle of friends or just very many friends at all, whenever she was younger.

She [had] just started coming into herself. She had just bought a home and gotten a little job. Her grandparents had both passed away. She had taken care of them, and they both passed away. They had her set up with a little trust fund to have money to live on because she had some anxiety and depression issues and some other health issues.

She wasn’t able to work. Everything was set up, and she had a pretty good little life going on. And then, she just happened to get with the wrong people at the wrong time, and she was butchered. The people that were there when this happened are refusing to talk. Which, if you were innocent, I would think you would be wanting to tell.”

We asked Ms. Hall, “As far as we know, as of right now, how many people were in the home?”

Ms. Hall, “There were five people and Amber, so six total, that we know of.”

MCNN, “Do you have a list of alleged names?”

Ms. Hall, “Yes, but some of them I am not allowed to release.” (Ms. Hall is unable to release all of the names due to the case being ongoing.)

MCNN, “If you wouldn’t mind, could you tell me the names you are allowed to release?”

Ms. Hall, “Roy Kidd was there. He is a radiology tech at Highlands ARH. And Amber happened to be there because she was friends with him, and she was kinda tagging along or palling around with him. So, that’s how she happened to be there. Dr. Mike McKinney, it was his house. He was there. And Dr. Mike McKinney’s son, who goes by MK, was there. And there were two other people there that have not been named and are not felt to be, I don’t think they’re felt to be involved in it.”

Ms. Hall states that to her knowledge this was Amber’s first time meeting Dr. McKinney.

MCNN, “I have noticed some stuff posted about issues with the 911 service. Is there anything you would like to say about that?”

Ms. Hall, “I know that there was a 911 call placed about 5:30 that morning. And it was not placed by Amber. And it was not about Amber. But, it was a call that, I don’t think I am allowed to say what was in it, but I have got to hear the call. And to me, the argument is that it wasn’t an emergency, and no one needed to respond. I have listened to it, and I felt like it would have been a call that should have been responded to.

So, while the call wasn’t from Amber, or about Amber, we think that possibly she was murdered not too long after that, maybe an hour or two hours… I don’t know for sure. No one has actually told me. So, we just think that it would have changed the course of everything, had officers shown up there to do a welfare check.”

MCNN, “So, just to confirm. The call that was made to 911 that wasn’t about Amber, and wasn’t by Amber, was a call from that residence?”

Ms. Hall, “Yes.”

MCNN, “So, had officers come to the scene, you think it might have caused something different to happen?”

Ms. Hall, “Absolutely. And we, and the family think that maybe part of the reason it wasn’t responded to was that it was Dr. Mike McKinney, who is a prominent dentist here in the area.”

Magoffin County News Network unsuccessfully attempted to contact Mayor Les Stapelton’s office regarding the case.

We asked Ms. Hall if the Kentucky State Police have explained to the family the delay in processing the case.

She replied, “Well, it’s ongoing. There is a backlog of evidence in the crime labs, but they have moved this case to the front. So, it’s getting top priority. They’ve executed a tremendous amount of search warrants and collected a tremendous amount of evidence.

And, they’re still trying to get, through subpoenas, information from Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. So, they’re still trying to obtain that. They’ve had to obtain video footage, surveillance footage, and things like that, and issued subpoenas to get that. So, they’re working on it. There’s five Detectives on it, and usually, they only have two detectives on a case.”

MCNN, “So, in your opinion, is KSP doing a good job with the case?”

Ms. Hall, “Yes, yes, I think that they are.”

MCNN, “Do you know if local law enforcement has been a help in the case?”

Ms. Hall, “Are you aware that our Chief of Police had resigned? He is actually the cousin to Roy and MK and a good friend to Dr. McKinney. And, he was if not the first, he was one of the first Law Enforcement individuals on the scene that morning. And, we just felt like as him being a family member, he had no business up there at a death scene, to do any type of an investigation. Especially when the City Police didn’t see fit to go out at 5:30 that morning, whenever there was a call that was put in.

When Magoffin County News Network asked Ms. Hall if there was an ongoing Civil Law Suit currently underway, she responded, “No.” Magoffin County News Network attempted to contact the Prestonsburg Police Department, but no return call has been received.

Magoffin County News Network asked Ms. Hall if there was any other information she would like to give to the community.

She replied, “Well, there were three people there, that we know of their names. And, the State Police said that we were allowed to say that Dr. McKinney or his Son, neither one of them were cooperating with the investigation.

They refused to talk.

She had at least eleven stab wounds to the head, the face, and the neck. And, she had a stab wound to the front of her throat, all the way through, and it transected her cervical spinal cord, and the tip of the knife was broken off in the side of her head. There is a violent murderer walking loose, and there are people who know more than what they’re telling.”

Magoffin County News Network will continue to follow this tragedy as information unfolds. One can only hope that the death of Ms. Spradlin will allow Floyd County the opportunity for transparency and Justice Under the Law. Let us hope that Amber’s death is a shining light into the darkness and a unifier, which will bring the community together. And, that this highly dangerous individual or individuals who are still walking freely amongst the public finally find the legal justice which they deserve.

This article may be updated with as we gain more information in the furture.

Last Update 8/7/2023

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