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What are Graded Cards – The AppalachiaTCG Podcast

Welcome to the AppalachiaTCG Podcast, where Bigjohn and Tony delve into the fascinating realm of graded cards and explore What ARE Graded Cards?

In Episode 3, titled “WHAT ARE GRADED CARDS? MTG, POKEMON, SPORTS CARDS AND MORE,” they explore the nuances of graded cards across various collectible categories. Let’s take a closer look at what graded cards are, why they matter, and how you can dive into this aspect of card collecting.

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What Exactly Are Graded Cards?

Graded cards are professionally assessed and certified cards that undergo a rigorous evaluation process to determine their condition and authenticity. They are typically sealed in protective cases with grades assigned based on factors like centering, corners, edges, surface, and overall presentation. Grading adds a layer of trust and value to collectible cards, ensuring buyers and sellers have a clear understanding of their quality.

Choosing the Right Graded Company

One of the key decisions in grading cards is selecting the right grading company. Bigjohn and Tony discuss the nuances of different grading companies, their reputation in the market, grading standards, turnaround times, and costs. Whether you’re into Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon, sports cards, or other collectibles, understanding which grading company aligns with your needs is crucial for a successful grading experience.

Exploring Costs and Value

Are graded cards expensive? This question often arises in the minds of collectors. The podcast hosts shed light on the cost implications of grading cards, including initial grading fees, shipping costs, and potential value appreciation post-grading. They discuss how graded cards can fetch higher prices in the market due to their certified quality, rarity, and demand among collectors.

Reasons to Grade Your Cards

Why should you consider grading a card? Bigjohn and Tony share insights into the benefits of grading, such as preservation of card condition, increased marketability, authenticity verification, and potential investment returns. They delve into real-life experiences and examples to illustrate the impact of grading on the collectibles market.

The Grading Process Unveiled

Curious about how to grade a card? The podcast episode provides a step-by-step walkthrough of the grading process, from submission guidelines and packaging requirements to understanding grading scales and receiving graded cards back. Learning about the grading process empowers collectors to make informed decisions and enhance their overall collecting experience.

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What are Graded Cards Conclusion:

Graded cards are not just about assessing quality; they represent a journey of passion, preservation, and value appreciation in the world of collectibles. Tune in to the AppalachiaTCG Podcast to delve deeper into the exciting universe of graded cards across different genres and discover the stories behind these cherished collectibles.

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