Ambulance Crash

Tragic Ambulance Crash Shuts Down Mountain Parkway

In a devastating turn of events, the westbound lanes of the Mountain Parkway near mile marker 11 have been closed following a single-vehicle crash involving a Lifeguard Ambulance. This heartbreaking incident unfolded as the ambulance collided with the guardrail, ultimately overturning off the roadway.

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Road Closure and Investigation

Winchester Police took swift action, announcing the closure on social media and emphasizing that the affected stretch of the Mountain Parkway will remain inaccessible until further notice. The Clark County Sheriff’s Office has assumed control of the investigation, led by Sheriff Berl Perdue.

Tragically, the patient being transported from eastern Kentucky to U.K. Chandler Hospital lost their life in the crash. The impact of this incident on the community is immeasurable, as the repercussions are felt not only in the loss of a life but also in the disruption to the vital lifeline that the ambulance service provides.

Crew’s Condition Unveiled

New details have emerged regarding the condition of the ambulance crew. An EMT, situated in the passenger seat, was ejected during the accident and has been flown to U.K. Chandler Hospital with life-threatening injuries. Initial confusion surrounded the EMT’s status, with Sheriff Perdue initially reporting a tragic loss. However, subsequent updates provide a glimmer of hope, indicating that the EMT remains in critical condition.

This disconcerting incident has sparked an intense investigation, with authorities working tirelessly to unearth the cause of the crash. The paramount focus is on ensuring the safety of the roadway for commuters and preventing such tragedies in the future.

Community Response and Support

As news of this tragic event circulates, the community is urged to come together in support of those affected. Local residents are encouraged to stay informed about alternate routes and updates on the reopening of the Mountain Parkway.

The thoughts and prayers of the entire community go out to the families affected by this heartbreaking incident. In times of such tragedy, solidarity and support become the pillars that help communities navigate through the darkest hours. Stay tuned for further updates as the investigation unfolds, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding this devastating crash.

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