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The Heartbreaking Tale of Mamaw’s House: A Plea for Support Against Eminent Domain

In the quiet hills of Salyersville, Kentucky, stands a house that holds not just memories but an entire legacy. This is the story of Mamaw’s house, a cherished abode that has witnessed decades of joy and sorrow. However, the looming threat of the Mountain Parkway Expansion and Eminent Domain now casts a shadow over this once-happy home.

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A Legacy of Love and Loss

In 1969, Mamaw and Papaw, filled with dreams and aspirations, purchased 63 acres on the Mountain Parkway. The house, a symbol of their love and hard work, was erected in 1998. Tragedy struck in 2015 when Papaw passed away unexpectedly within those very walls, leaving behind a void that could never be filled.

Mamaw’s Solitude and Struggle

For the past nine years, Mamaw, now 76, has lived alone in the house, nurturing it with the same love and care she bestowed upon her family. However, the serenity of her solitude is shattered by the news that her home, along with the cherished memories embedded within its walls, is to be taken away.

The Cruelty of Eminent Domain

The impending threat of Eminent Domain hangs heavy over Mamaw’s house. The authorities, citing the Mountain Parkway Expansion, insist on bulldozing the very foundation of Mamaw’s life. While they claim to be purchasing the property, Mamaw’s heart longs for the irreplaceable – the years she has left in the place she calls home.

A Plea for Support

The family has exhausted every avenue to prevent this heart-wrenching event, but bureaucratic decisions seem to prevail. They acknowledge the need for progress and development in eastern Kentucky, supporting better roads and infrastructure for their beloved community. However, they implore the Department of Transportation to reconsider the impact on Mamaw, who has unwittingly become collateral damage in this process.

How You Can Help

The family seeks support from the community, asking for opinions and input before the looming deadline of Monday, Feb 26. They encourage everyone to write, email, or call the Department of Transportation, expressing their solidarity with Mamaw’s cause. The contact information is as follows:

  • Email:
  • Phone: (606)-666-8841
  • Mail: KYTC District 10 Attn: Aric Skaggs, PE. PO Box 621 Jackson, KY 41339
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Original Open Letter

This is my mom’s house (Mamaw’s house).
She and my dad bought 63 acres on the Mountain Parkway in Salyersville, KY in 1969.
They built this house in 1998.
My dad passed away unexpectedly ( in this house) in 2015.
Mom has lived on this land for 55 years.
55 years!?!?
For the past 9 years, she has lived alone and taken care of this home. She is 76 years old.
This home and the land surrounding it, is being taken away from her- due to the Mountain Parkway Expansion and Eminent Domain.
She is losing everything.
They are forcing her to move. They will bull doze her house to the ground.
This is the house we raised our kids in.
This is the house where we hid Easter eggs, celebrated birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
This is the house where ALL of us escaped to -when life just got too complicated.
This is where our kids ran barefoot and grew their own vegetables and caught lightening bugs.
This is the house with a front porch swing, where very meaningful conversations took place.
Yes, they are “buying” it from her.
But, she doesn’t care about the money. She wants to live her remaining years in her home.
We have tried EVERY option to prevent this from happening.
Can you imagine this happening to your 76 year old widowed mom?
They tell us they don’t have any option but to build this road -straight through her home.
I’m not an engineer, but I can’t help but wonder, “Really? No options?” with 63 acres to work with???
Our family completely supports improvement for the people of eastern Kentucky.
This is where we all grew up.
We love this place.
There’s nowhere like it, really.
Honest, loving, genuine people. Hearts of gold. Strong communities.
They deserve better roads and infrastructure.
But, our mom/mamaw has become collateral damage in this process.
It’s not fair.

Lanessa DeMarchis


In this tale of love, loss, and the impending threat of Eminent Domain, Mamaw’s family reaches out to the community for support. They share their story with the hope that collective voices can sway the decision-makers and preserve the sanctity of Mamaw’s home. Let us join hands to ensure that Mamaw can spend her remaining years surrounded by the memories and love that this house has held for decades.

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