America Leads The World/The Refugees Crisis

This is a conversation I had with a republican friend. My words are on the right in blue.

I really could give a shit less about what happens to the refugees and glad he is putting a stop to it
then you got idiots like Starbucks saying they are going to offer them 10,000 jobs to just them
Dude, how can you not care about babies?
it’s not just babies though
if it was kids,sure
it’s not just kids though

Hell, how can you not care at all about your fellow human beings?

Didn’t Obama blow up half of them with a drone anyways?
These are innocent people. They just want to escape the war that is killing their families. The war that is blowing their babies apart in front of their eyes.
Imagine seeing that.
so let’s just let them come into America and destroy it?
why do we have to be the helping hand?
why isn’t everyone already taking in all the homeless people off the streets in America too then?

They are

And that’s what we do.




That’s what we always have done. Irish, Jews, Europeans, Italians. All came here when they were in trouble.
Scottish, that’s what your and my family are btw.
Came here under English rule.

During times of war.

Barack Obama’s drone program only killed 117 civilians worldwide, US intelligence controversially claims
Up to 117 civilians have been killed in drone attacks across the world during outgoing US President
I don’t disagree with that. Doesn’t mean they aren’t still dying.
I’d love to solve all the problems of the world but you gotta take care of your homeland first the way I see it
well I can’t disagree with that
The way I see it is, anytime throughout history, when a country became isolated and started focusing on only themselves they end up worse off than when they started. Examples: Rome, Russia, Germany, Cuba. There are so many more. We have the position of power that we have because we have always been a country that strived to reach happiness with all peoples, our people and the world in general. We lead by example. So people look to us for answers. If we start to show a lack of empathy, the world will show total chaos.
So we should’ve gone to war with Iraq then cause it was our duty?
America used to be the world’s guiding light to understanding and harmony. We can’t become the walled in, untouchable country. If we do the world will loom to destroy us, not follow us.
No, we should not have gone to war with Iraq.
But you just said we have to take care of everyone
 is that not what you just said?
We don’t have to take care of everyone. We have to show them the kindness we show to all so they will take care of each other themselves.
The world is a toddler. America has to be the parent that leads with kindness and understanding.
Teach the toddler, don’t try to beat it into understanding.
Beat the toddler or withdraw from it, and soon, it will turn on you.
Seriously, though do you understand what I’m saying?

I getcha 100

No I get what you’re saying, I don’t agree with it 100% I don’t mind helping out when we can but it’s whatever it’s just 120 days who cares?

What do you think?


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