Legislative, Executive, and Judiciary… Yeah, that’s America!

We have a system of checks and balances for a reason!

When the head of our executive branch cast aspersions on a member of our judiciary branch, you are watching the beginnings of our entire system’s collapse.

Our government is designed to work as one machine, it is created for the sole purpose of representing the people. The three branches are in place so as to counterbalance each other and ensure that one branch doesn’t rule over the country in a dictatorial fashion.

Your trying to cast doubt on one of these branches ability to speak for the people is yet another example of your lack of understanding of the role in which you have been placed. You must work with your fellow branches to lead America, not try to dictate their actions.

Mr. President, please quit calling out a member of the branch that has as much, if not more, authority to guide this country than you.

What do you think?


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