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Announcement – Rebranding

Appalachia Insider

We at Magoffin News Network LLC have decided that it’s in our best interest to rebrand the website and facebook page in a way that will reach a wider audience.

Don’t worry, Magoffin/Salyersville/Royalton, Kentucky. The same content that we’ve always had here will still be available. Be it basketball streams or whatever else that made you a fan of us, that will remain.

This is an opportunity for us to grow, and we wouldn’t be here without our loyal following.

Through this rebranding, our aim is to elevate Magoffin County onto a larger platform, garner more significant attention, and be taken more seriously. We cherish this place, and aspire for the entire world to recognize the true awesomeness of Magoffin County.

The transformations won’t occur overnight; instead, they will unfold gradually in the coming months. We’re transitioning everything to Appalachia Insider, a name we find more captivating, providing a broader range to engage with a larger audience—ensuring more visibility for all our endeavors, all while staying true to our roots and culture.

Again this would never be possible without the fanbase of Magoffin County, Kentucky. Let’s work together to put Magoffin County more on the map than ever before.

If you would like to have your business or community event promoted, be sure to check out our about page and learn how to contact us directly!

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