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Magoffin County Sheriff Bill Meade Solves Another Case!

Sheriff Bill Meade of the Magoffin County Sheriff’s Office contacted Magoffin County News Network to follow up on a string of thefts perpetrated recently in the community.

Sheriff Meade stated, “Of course, you know that we have had a rash of sign thefts throughout the county. I have been working with the Judge Executive on it, and we were able to come up with a couple different sources on who’s doing it.”

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Upon arriving at the residence of the individuals who were believed to be involved with the theft, Sheriff Meade states that he was able to see what is alleged to be a stolen stop sign within plain view. He states, “During my interview, I was able to get cooperation. So, we recovered a stop sign and then I think there was, off the top of my head, 14 or 15 of those green road signs.”

Sheriff Meade states that there were three individuals who are alleged to have been involved in the theft. Stating, “There is James Collett, Alexis Arnett, and Jimmy Rowe, I think they call him JR.”

When Magoffin County News Network asked if the individuals had given any explanation as to why they allegedly stole the signs, Sheriff Meade replied that the individuals stated that, “They wanted to put them on their walls.” Even going so far as to state that the individuals had signed the allegedly stolen stop sign.

Sheriff Meade also stated that they had recovered 7 allegedly stolen road barrels, five large round ones, and two tall slender ones. All of which have been returned to the county garage.

Sheriff Meade states that Collett and Arnett were cited in Court and that Jimmy Rowe has been arrested.

Sheriff Meade said, “This sounds to me like people with too much free time, and not enough manual labor to keep them busy.”

Magoffin County News Network will follow up with the case if important information is made available.

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