Theft in Magoffin County 2023!

Rash of Thefts Sweeps Magoffin County

Magoffin County has recently been struck by a rash of thefts. Although it may have gone somewhat unnoticed to many in the community, to others these recent thefts are as plain to see as a bright green sign.
Because that is in fact what has been stolen…

Magoffin County Judge Executive, Matthew Wireman informed the Magoffin County News Network that within the last couple of weeks, in an attempt to finish updating all of the residential county roads with new signage, crews placed new markers in the Johnson Fork area of Magoffin.

Over 14 Missing Signs

Judge Wireman stated “[We] Hadn’t had them up no time and they started missing. I think they had fourteen, over the span of two or three days disappear. And since then, we’ve noticed several more. And, they’re just taking the road signs down. They’re not taking the stop signs.”

Judge Wireman states that the thefts have been primarily focused on the areas of Johnson Fork, Rock House, and Burning Fork. He says he is unsure of the purpose of the theft. But he is continuing to follow leads.

Message to the Community

When asked if there is a message he would like to give to the community, Judge Wireman stated, “They need to be more considerate of peoples lives. Because, it could put somebody’s lives in danger, if we have a new driver who doesn’t know where they are going.”
He also stated, “When I catch them, if I find out who it is, I am going to do every thing I can to make sure they pull some time.”

Here is hoping that the trail to the thief will be as clear as a well-marked county road…

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