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Official KDFW Statement About the Young Black Bear Being Shot in Magoffin County.

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources (KDFW) gave a written statement to Magoffin County News Network regarding the recent shooting of a Black Bear in Magoffin County.

black bear magoffin county
This is not the bear, just a young black bear photo

We reached out to KDFW for information about the ongoing active investigation. Although the case is still currently under investigation by conservation officers, we have been permitted to relay the following information.

Official Statement

“Regarding the report of a bear being shot in Magoffin County, our conservation officer and a wildlife biologist who responded have determined that the bear was a young male, likely dispersing from his mother and home range as is common this time of year. Our officer did not see a sign of entry, but no citation was issued to the homeowner. 

While Salyersville and Magoffin County are not in the core bear area for the state, which is along the Virginia and Tennessee borders, bear populations are most likely inhabiting the eastern third of the state. Residents and businesses should be aware of the potential bear presence and take appropriate precautions against attracting bears to their properties by securing trash in bear-proof receptacles, avoiding having any grease traps and outside grills, and not feeding pets or wildlife outside of their homes. 

The public can call 1-800-25-ALERT to report any problems with bears. For an emergency situation, the public should contact our Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Law Enforcement or the Kentucky State Police. The bear would have been euthanized, not relocated.”

black bear magoffin county kentucky department of fish and wildlife

Magoffin County News Network would like to thank KDFW, for their timely response to our information request. Magoffin County News Network will continue to follow the story and make updates as we receive information.

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