Magoffin County Teacher Investigation 2023

Alleged Messages Between Magoffin County Teacher and Student, In Ongoing Investigation



Magoffin County News Network makes no assumptions, as to the guilt or innocence of any individual. We believe in the principle of innocent until proven guilty. We provide factual reporting and unbiased coverage. Our mission is to deliver accurate and reliable news while upholding journalistic integrity.

Text Conversations

An anonymous source has provided Magoffin County News Network with what are alleged to be messaging service conversations between a former employee of the Magoffin County Board of Education, employed as a teacher at the Magoffin Middle School, and what is alleged to be a student enrolled in Magoffin County High School.

Magoffin County News Network has been informed that this is an ongoing case and we will continue to follow and report information on the investigation, as we are made aware of the facts.

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