Coal keeping the lights on in Eastern Kentucky, is it really?

Keeping the lights on.

I come from a small town in East Kentucky. I love my home, as many small town Americans do. However, being from a small town you begin to wonder, why has my community not grown with the times? Coal keeps the lights on stickers on cars drives me insane.
Why are we now in a state of disrepair and desperation.
What is being done by our government officials to correct this situation?
Most importantly, what has caused this to happen?

Magoffin County.

The town in which I live has for many decades fought against change of the norm. We have been scheduled many times for progressive business development and economic expenditure and have fought vigilantly against such development (often times against the request of the populous). The reasoning given behind this was a desire to adhere to  “that small town feel.”
We as a community have always had the proverbial coal “tit” to suckle. We have never been in any hurry to develop new businesses because we have always known the mines were available to fall back on.


This has led to the beginnings of our downfall. With the development of new cheaper technologies coal has fallen out of fashion. We are no longer the light source to America. Now we begin to reach out in an attempt to catch the rest of the modern world and you have to wonder are we too late?

“Those who strive to live in the past are doomed to failure, Those who strive for the future have a chance to succeed.”

What do you think?


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