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Please, Sir May I Have Some More???

Basic economics dictates that if a large portion of the population has expendable income then the economy will grow.
As I mentioned in a previous post, I live in a small town in Kentucky. The people of my town have the same pride (if not more) that any other American has. There is a basic human desire to strive to better one’s personal surroundings. Due to the lack of employment in mine and surrounding communities, people are forced to reach out to the government for assistance.

This action is frowned upon by people in better circumstances, than those who are forced to rely on these government subsidies. They choose to believe that those in these circumstances are merely wanting to leech off of the government for their own benefit and refuse to find gainful employment out of sheer laziness.

A new administration has been chosen that has made their intentions to cut government aid abundantly clear. Hailed by supporters of the GOP and giant leaps in the right direction, they intend to cut government funding to all of the “lazy people” who refuse to work.

There is only one problem…


As I said before, the people here are proud. They take assistance with their heads bowed. All the while hoping that one-day industry and commerce will once again come to the home that they love. They desire what all American’s desire, the dream of better for themselves and their families.

Cutting what few sums of money that their government provides won’t spur job growth. On the contrary, it removes all ability of these people to purchase necessities that do spur the economy and create job growth.

What do you think?


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