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Remembering the First Day of School

The First day of school, Magoffin County has now started back school today August 10th, 2023. Today I want everyone to share on Facebook some of there most memorable 1st days of school.

I’ll share mine below.

Did tragedy happen? Did something awesome happen? We want you to share your story over on Facebook! Maybe we will post it here on the website if you give us permission.

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The Worst 1st day of Middle School

This wasn’t your typical 1st day of middle school. For some reason I started hearing voices in the living room, way earlier than I should’ve been up for school.

I rubbed my eyes and decided I should probably get up and see what was going on. I decided to peak around the corner cause I could hear multiple voices talking.

What in the world was going on I wondered?

I made my way back to my room to make sure I was appropriately dressed then finally made my way into the living room.

There in the living room was multiple family members all talking to my mother.

Something had happened.

Being around the age of 12-13 years old you start to realize more things in your surrounding that aren’t quite normal. This day was not normal at all.

I don’t really recall what happened next, but me and my 1st cousin (Jerry Montgomery) was standing in the living room and received the horrifying news that Jerry’s father (my uncle) was in a car accident and had being fatally wounded.

Being in a panic about work and not sure what to do with kids (Jerry and I), my mother went ahead and sent us on to school.

What was suppose to be a new experience in our first day of middle school.

Jerry had lost his father and I lost a uncle.

I don’t remember what all happened the rest of the day, how I felt, how my cousin felt. All I know is that it was quite possibly the worst first day of Middle School (7th grade).

Noah Montgomery
Noah Montgomery

Hopefully people have a more upbeat first day of school preferably one that doesn’t start in a tragedy.

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