SOAR Concerts Wrap Up

Countdown On: Mr. Joshua Ball and SOAR to Wrap Up Country Music Highway Tribute with Epic Concert!

Prestonsburg, Kentucky – The grand finale is in sight as Mr. Joshua Ball and the whole SOAR crew gear up to bring down the house at the closing concert of the Country Music Highway Tribute. This is the home stretch of the three-part homage to Rt. 23, the famous “Country Music Highway.”

Mark your calendars for the big day – Saturday, August 19th. The party’s going down at none other than the awesome Mountain Arts Center, right in the heart of Prestonsburg, Kentucky.

Mr. Ball, CEO of SOAR has been quoted as saying, “Music will end when the last band stops playing, and that is the Kentucky Opry which is alongside Billie Jean Osbourne’s leadership and legacy.”

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Magoffin County News Network reached out directly to Mr. Ball for a direct quote. 

His reply, “There’s not a stretch of highway in the world that has produced more stars and talent than US 23 and the Country Music Highway. 

That’s why we’ve created this series of shows to celebrate the stars, while also shining a light on the future stars through their original music. 

The first two shows were a festival-type atmosphere, and on August 19, we’ll take the show indoors for a ticketed event at the Mountain Arts Center. We’ll have music starting at 2 p.m. and going until 10 p.m.”

Additionally, Mr. Ball earnestly wishes to notify our esteemed readership that a substantial fraction of the proceeds from these affairs will be channeled towards nourishing the artistic endeavors that flourish alongside the celebrated Country Music Highway.

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