Jeep event in Kentucky

Get Ready for the Ultimate Jeep Event in Kentucky – Join the Guinness Book of Records Parade at Hollerwood Park

Calling all Jeep enthusiasts and adventure seekers in Kentucky! Mark your calendars for June 25th, 2023, as Hollerwood Park, in partnership with Stanton, Clay City, and Powell County Tourism, proudly presents an exhilarating event that is set to break records and create unforgettable memories with this ultimate jeep event in Kentucky!

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Breaking the Record: The Largest Jeep Parade

Jeep event in Kentucky 2023 world record

Prepare to witness history in the making as we aim to shatter the current Guinness World Record for the most number of jeeps in a parade. With the current record standing at an impressive 2,490 Jeeps, we’re confident that together, we can rally the Jeep community and surpass this milestone.

Event Details:

The staging area for the parade will kick off at Clay City Dragway, conveniently coinciding with the ongoing River Bottom Festival. Registration for the Jeep parade will commence at 9 AM, allowing participants to secure their spot in line. While waiting, a convenient shuttle service will be available to transport visitors to Clay City shops and Stanton, where the exhilarating Jeepin June Event will take place.

Jeep event in Kentucky 2023 world record 2

To ensure everyone’s participation, please note that the last shuttle will depart at 2 PM. Jeepers need to return to their vehicles no later than 3 PM to ensure a smooth and timely procession.

Stay Informed:

For further information or inquiries about this extraordinary event, reach out to Powell County Tourism at 606-663-1161. Alternatively, you can visit the official event website at for updates, guidelines, and additional details.


Kentucky’s Jeep community is gearing up for an epic day of celebration and record-breaking excitement. With the Guinness Book of Records joining forces with Hollerwood Park, Stanton, Clay City, and Powell County Tourism, this event promises to be one for the books.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of history as we unite Jeep enthusiasts from near and far. Register today, mark your calendar, and get ready to rev those engines as we conquer new frontiers together!

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