Magoffin County Wins State Game 2024

Witnessing History: Magoffin County’s Historic State Win at Rupp Arena

I had the incredible opportunity to witness Magoffin County Boys Basketball make history at Rupp Arena, and it was a moment that will stay with me forever. The entire arena was a sea of maroon and white, filled with familiar faces of friends and family I hadn’t seen in years. We all gathered to support our high school basketball team, and stepping onto the Rupp Arena floor for the first time was a truly blessed experience.

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A Personal Journey to Rupp Arena

I’m not a professional sports journalist or even pretend to be. Much like those from KSR, BSN, Courier Journal, or even the local Salyersville Independent. I’m just a DUDE from Magoffin County who played football and baseball that wants to share my love for sports somewhere so me and my best buddy decided to start this website and Facebook page.

Magoffin County Warming up 2024

While I can and will work with just about anyone, most of the time I get the feeling no one wants helps or is afraid to ask for it, or whatever it might be one thing I don’t want to do is ASK permission to write about sports or cover it. I can only reach out so many times until I just give up and just shrug it off and do my own thing. No favors where asked, no begging, no pleading to anyone else. This was done on my own accord and accolades that I’ve accomplished thus far of the small coverage I provide for the hornets.

It’s not like everyday I get to go to Rupp Arena…

Adam Helton Courtside Magoffin County 2024

While I had been to Rupp Arena once before to watch the Wildcats, this time was different. I was here to witness history and our local team take on the big stage. Stepping foot on that court was simply amazing.

From Passion to Recognition

Magoffin County Basketball 2024 press pass

My journey from a sports fan to a part of the sports streaming world has been remarkable. Starting with a simple idea and a Sony ZVE-10, I began recording Magoffin County middle school football games to give them some exposure. This led to collaborations with D&D Sports and the opportunity to stream bigger sporting events. It’s been a year of learning and growth in the sports broadcasting realm, and being issued a press pass for Appalachia Insider sports for RUPP ARENA has been surreal.

Yea, they of course put Appalachian instead of Appalachia and even bent my sticker but whatever this is still awesome and KHSAA does a great job with the Sweet Sixteen event!

Rupp Arena Hospitality Room

These moments while not really that big, are still very cool to me. I’m not trying to brag or 1UP anyone but this was just incredible to me that I could even go on the court and into these cool places I never thought I’d be able to go.

I didn’t stay on the court long

I took some photos, but I wanted to get back to a up and coming Hornet fan.

Bentley Howard 2024

My Son.

I didn’t have the best seats in the house, and I could’ve sat in press row but I knew where I wanted to be right next to my boy experiencing this with him.

Trying to build his enthusiasm for sports the same enthusiasm I have for sports has been a tough one. But, I think this day done it!

Kids today have so many more options at their finger tips. They have unlimited access to content 24-7 so whatever peaks their interest at that moment they have instant access to it on YouTube, FB, ETC. While he is in sports specifically Baseball. We just now started going to a few basketball games and watching his local Magoffin County Hornets tonight really did the trick!

So this alone meant the world to me and we experienced it together just like Father and Son should.

Last Seconds of the Basketball Game 2024 Magoffin County

The game itself was a nail-biter, with the Magoffin County Hornets facing off against the Perry County Central Commodores. After a tied first period, the Commodores took the lead, but the Hornets fought back fiercely. In a thrilling final quarter, Magoffin County outscored Perry County Central to secure a historic victory with a final score of 54-47.

This win wasn’t just a triumph for the team; it was a momentous occasion for our entire community. The memories made that day will be cherished for a lifetime, not just for me but for all the hardworking players who made it possible.

I’m so proud of this team, it has been an incredible journey to Rupp Arena. Being able to cherish this moment with the Magoffin County community has been a very special one to me and I hope everyone that reads this or looks back on this momentous occasion knows how special this all has been.

What an incredible journey it has been and I hope that I can continue to share more stories about sports along the way.

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