Scott Castle Magoffin County

Interview – Scott Castle Magoffin County Hornets Head Basketball Coach

Scott Castle Magoffin County now Head Boys Basketball Coach is no stranger to taking the girls basketball team to the Sweet Sixteen Kentucky Basketball tournament as an assistant.

In recent history Monday the 11th 2024, now Head Basketball Coach of the Boys teams has done the unthinkable. The Magoffin County Boys basketball team since its existence from Salyersville High school to now Magoffin County High school is finally going to the Sweet 16.

Join the Appalachia Connection bunch as they talk about Magoffin County Basketball, ask interesting questions to Scott Castle and reminisce about how much this means to Magoffin County as a community and how some of them thought it wouldn’t even happen in their lifetime. This is one Interview if you are a Magoffin County fan that you do not want to miss!

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