Sheriff Meade Begins Magoffins Drug CleanUp

Magoffin County News Network was recently in contact with Sheriff Bill Meade of the Magoffin County Sheriff’s Office regarding a drug raid that took place in the Bloomington area of the county. The onset of the Magoffin CleanUp Begins.

Sheriff Meade informed Magoffin County News Network that the suspect involved in the incident is currently at large and on the run from law enforcement. However, he has no doubt that he will soon be captured and brought to justice.

Sheriff Meade also stated that this is the beginning step in his desire to clean up Magoffin’s drug problem, a promise that he made and fully intends to keep.

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Message for Magoffin

He stated, “At the first of the year, as soon as I took office, we began conducting an investigation into illegal drug sales involving Greg Howard. Through that effort, we were able to conduct numerous controlled drug transactions. With the assistance of the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, the Attorney General’s Office, Operation UNITE, and the DEA London Office, we were able to obtain a search warrant and an arrest warrant for Mr. Howard.

I would also like to note that when I ran for Sheriff, I made a pledge to the people of Magoffin County: that we would put every effort possible into combating this drug problem. And this is the first blow.

We have other people that we will be indicting soon, other groups, both in the Federal and the Circuit Court settings. And although it takes additional time to conduct a drug investigation, rest assured that whenever we present a drug case to a grand jury, it’s going to be a winnable case. And the entire office is dedicated to that cause.

For anyone who has any knowledge of illegal activity, we encourage them to call the Sheriff’s Office. We want their information. We don’t have to have their names.
I just ask for prayers for the community and patience as we move forward.”

You Can Help

If you have information that can help reduce Magoffin’s all-too-long live drug epidemic, you’re encouraged to contact the Magoffin County Sheriff’s Office at 606-349-2914 or dial 911 in the event of an emergency.
As Sheriff Meade said, they just need your information, not your name.

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