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Common Questions and Answers about Salyersville, KY

In this article we are taking a look at my home town Salyersville, KY and trying to answer as many questions as possible for the internet.

As more questions come up about Salyersville I will try to update the answers as quick as possible.

With that being said let’s begin.

Where is Salyersville Kentucky?

Salyersville Kentucky (KY for short) is located in the “Eastern” part of Kentucky. While there has been many discussions on where Eastern, Western, Northern all end. Salyersville KY has always been considered Eastern Kentucky.

It also sits right in between a few more known counties.

  • Johnson County – Paintsville, KY
  • Floyd County – Prestonsburg, KY
  • Morgan county – West Liberty, KY

The direct Neighboring city that shares the same county (Magoffin) Is Royalton Kentucky.

What is Salyersville KY zip code?

The ZIP Code for Salyersville KY is 41465.

However if you are from Magoffin County and you reside in Royalton KY, your Zip code might be 41464.

Although, I think there have been changes made or currently rolling out everyone to 41465 in Magoffin County.

What is the Best Cell Phone Service in Salyersville KY?

The best cell service in Salyersville KY is easily going to be Appalachian Wireless. If you using a different carrier in this area you most likely are going to have a hard time trying to get a solid wireless signal.

If you have Verizon you are in luck as they can still use the Appalachian Wireless towers in Eastern Kentucky.

Salyersville KY drivers license office

You can no longer update your driver’s license in Salyersville Kentucky you will have to head over to Prestonsburg to do so now.

Read This Article to find out more information.

Places to eat at in Salyersville KY

There is not a huge variety of places to eat in Salyersville. For some reason Salyersville has lots of competition in the home town Pizza joints.

Fast Food / Chains

  • McDonalds
  • Lee’s Chicken
  • DQ
  • Subway
  • Wendy’s
  • Taco Bell
  • Little Ceasar’s

Home Town Pizza

  • Pizza and More
  • Camp Pizza #2
  • Pitstop Pizza (Formley Bettys Pizza)

In my opinion Pizza and More is the place where you want to grab pizza from. It use to be my favorite place ever to get Pizza The Hornets Nest or Wildcat Pizza way back in the Day. Pizza and More bought them out and has the recipe.

I’ve not tried the “New” Betty’s Pizza which is now named Pitstop Pizza for some reason.


  • Mi Hacienda – Mexican Food
  • Farm House Diner
  • Mimi’s

I highly recommend Mi Hacienda if you have a craving for Mexican food its one of the best I’ve ever eaten at and I frequent it just about ever stop.

The Farm House Diner the common Phrase I hear about this great sit down restaurant is that you get some of the biggest portions on the planet.

Note – You might be able to stop in at IGA for a meal during Lunch hours, most the time the Kwik Stop (BP on the Parkway) has some pretty good pizza rolls.

Salyersville and Magoffin County Internet, Telephone, and TV

You have 3 options sort of in Salyersville KY.

The best option is Foothills Rural Telephone Company which gives you great internet Speed, TV, and a landline phone. Foothills also offers the official Phone Book for Salyersville.

Foothills easily offers the best Internet Speed available and some of the best possible internet in the State of Kentucky all together. You have the option of getting gigabit even!

But, even then Foothills doesn’t reach everywhere in the mountains although they are trying!

If you live in city of Salyersville, you can try to get Howard’s cable.

With the last option and none of those above work you can get Dish for internet and telephone although I wouldn’t recommend that at all.

Salyersville KY Radio Station

Unfortunately it appears that Magoffin County/Salyersville KY does not have a radio station anymore. It use to be 106.5 the Coyote for the longest time but where the Radio Station use to be there is now a New Library.

I’m not sure where you can catch the ball games over the airwaves at this time either.

Who is the Mayor of Salyersville KY

As of 9/21/2021 The current Mayor of Salyersville Kentucky is James “Pete” Shepherd.

Pete is a native of Magoffin County and even ran his own Dental Practice for Many Years.

Pete is a registered Democrat in Salyersville Kentucky.

I enjoy this video of Pete sharing his thoughts about Salyersville so why not share it here.

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