Magoffin County Politics

Magoffin County Politics Heats up in 2022

As Magoffin County Politics Heats up, If you’ve been following the Current Judge and Mayor of Magoffin County at all on Social Media. You can sense the tension building up between the majority of the candidates.

Matthew Wireman current Judge-Executive of Magoffin decided he would let it be known on his political page that he did not appreciate the rumors floating around about him “Cheating”

Magoffin County Politics Heats up

You can follow the original post here as long as it stays alive.

There are quite a few comments of some of Matt Wireman‘s followers biting back against some of the other candidates.

Ricky Howard is one of his opponents and had this to say in a response to the original post.

This is just my analysis but it appears that Rick Howard has told people that Matthew Wireman’s wife is cheating by counting votes and taking his yard signs of out people’s yards.

That’s Not All!

If you’ve seen the recent Elon Musk meme where he bought twitter and is going to fix it.

That Magoffin Countinians have done their due diligence and made one of the funniest MEMEs at least locally I’ve ever seen.

Salyersville Ramey Memorial Park Elon Musk

This of course has been shared by everyone and went a bit viral in Salyersville, KY.

However, Pete Shepard Mayor of Magoffin County didn’t find all the comments about the Park and The Toilets too funny and had this to say on Social Media.

Magoffin County Politics

You can click on the above post and try to read more if you would like.

In all seriousness in my experience when it comes to the Ramey Memorial Park bathrooms. It’s never been a pleasant experience even when I was a kid. It looks like someone needs to hire someone to take care of the park a bit better. I don’t even know if this falls under Mayor Pete Shepard… but I just find all of it comical anyways.

Magoffin County Politics

Magoffin County Politics at its finest.

Conclusion: Magoffin County Politics Heating Up

I just want to clarify I respect all candidates on whatever side they are running for and against. This is just interesting to me that people got so tore up over the Ramey Memorial Meme I thought it was hilarious so I wanted to share.

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