Eric C. Conn Voodoo Doll

The Big Conn – Who Did Eric C. Conn Send the Voodoo Doll To?

With the latest Docuseries “The Big Conn”, everyone could be wondering who the lawyer Eric C. Conn Sent the Voodoo Doll. I finally did some digging around in Magoffin County and found out who the lawyer was that was sent the VooDoo Doll.

The Lawyer who received the VooDoo doll from Eric C. Conn was none other than Grover Arnett another Social Security Lawyer in Eastern Kentucky.

Eric C. Conn Send the Voodoo Doll

Grover is the almost complete opposite of Eric C. Conn in almost every way. Whenever you are watching the Docuseries now you know who the mystery Lawyer is and who the Voodoo Doll was sent from.

The Big Conn

The series has been phenomenal as a whole and it really shows you how someone really took advantage of the Social Security System and many, many people of Eastern Kentucky.

People that were truly disabled lost their benefits because of this corrupt lawyer Residing in Prestonsburg/Pikeville area. Many in the series talk and even show how disabled they truly are/were.

The Eric C. Conn documentary really opens your eyes to even someone like myself that has lived (in EKY) and seen the billboards over the years. This human took advantage of so many things and didn’t care one bit.

I cannot say that I’ve not been intrigued that someone so vile was amongst us in the mountains here in Eastern Kentucky though. It’s like everyone around is so friendly and nice with decent morals, then you have a monster like Eric C. Conn that manipulated everything.

Of course, you will learn he didn’t do it all himself.

Eric C. Conn Send the Voodoo Doll
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Want to watch the Docuseries yourself? You can do so by getting a free Apple TV Trial even with amazon. The series is in 4 parts averaging almost 1 hour a piece. Apparently, there is also a Podcast over the whole thing. Check it out.

Eric C. Conn Send the Voodoo Doll

Where is Eric C. Conn Now?

After being captured in a Pizza Hut… Yes, a Pizza Hut. Located in La Ceiba, Atlanditam Honduras.

Conn was sentenced to 27 years in prison and is now the age 61. Pretty much guaranteeing that he will be finishing his last remaining days on earth. Inside the walls of a prison.

Eric is supposed to be held in the Ashland Kentucky Prison facility.

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